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A huge congratulations to all of the athletes that I massaged in Kona for Ironman World Championships 2012. I am truly honored to have met and worked on them all!

Luke McKenzie – Australia
Amanda Balding McKenzie – Australia
Dave Dellow – Australia
Caroline Steffen – Switzerland
Natascha Badmann – Switzerland

Steph Swanson – USA
Arie Merrin – Canada
Noelia Fernandez – Argentina
Adriana Diaz – Argentina
Ed Giroux – USA
Aimee Perrett – New Zealand
Gail Hughes – USA
Sue McMaster – New Zealand
Carmen Monks – USA
Chip McGrath – New Zealand
Sandy Boubee – New Zealand

Scott McCourbrey – USA Athlete and Scott Running Shoes
National Sales Director
Karen Monks – USA Ironman Triathlete
Stefan Reinke – USA (HAWAII) Ironman Triathlete
Beth French – UK English Channel Swimmer
Teri Bidwell – NEW ZEALAND Ironman Triathlete
Britt Bailey – USA (HAWAII) Triathlete and swimmer
Ingrid Butterworth – USA
Krista Baker-Scheyer – USA Athlete and executive with
Ken Glah Travel
Aunty Marlene Celinski – USA (HAWAII) lomilomi sister and healing touch practitioner, and long-time friend!!!